You'll never know what inspired you – until you see your ability to grow and be the best version of yourself!


Educate yourself around healthy eating. Balancing Portion Control, Reading Food Labels, and understanding what you are putting in your body.


Build your cardiovascular system, strengthen your muscles, fight disease, and help prevent illness through exercise. Live longer and feel more energised!


Create a more positive mindset and recreate new habits. Feel the balance of life come together as you let go of attachments, and re-connect with yourself.

About Us

Hi, I’m Sasha, founder of Ascend With Wellness. Over the years I have come to believe that we are solely responsible for who we are. Our actions stem from our thoughts, and our thoughts are 100% behavioural. I get that we are born and brought up in families with particular ways of living, traditional or not, it has helped shape our culture, and our mindset. But one day you have to realise that you do make your own choices, and be a certain someone.

I was brought up in a strong spiritual circle of family, connected in many ways in and out of this world. I have seen things that people believe don’t exist, and felt things you cannot see. Anything is possible I say! I am wholly a believer that we are spiritual being living a human experience, a vehicle to get around and get a life. Therefore WE are what we make of our lives, and our mindset influences all of this. I have witnessed the results of enduring a positive mindset, to achieve happiness. I have understood why a negative mindset can bring a person to suicide. It starts within you!

How? Firstly accepting what is happening now, and secondly having the confidence to change.

Meeting me, and together creating your life in view now – I inspire you to combine the strengths of all Physical, Mental and Spiritual components, so that your vision is truly inspirational!

You’ll never know what inspired you – until you see your ability to grow and be the best version of yourself!


Fitness & Wellness Coach